Kids On The Go USA rides are available to children of all ages between 4 - 18 years old.  Child safety seat/booster seats are available upon request. 

Who can ride?

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How much does it cost?

To better put your mind at ease, parents are welcome to chat & meet with our drivers before boarding their children onto our vehicle. Apart from the occurrence of an unforeseen event, parents should look forward to their children being transported by the same safe, kid-friendly driver throughout their tenure of using our service. 

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How does it work?

Passengers may choose to watch TV, listen to the car radio, or plug in their headphones.  Also, using an easy-to-use smartphone app or password-protected website, receive real-time information about when & where your child boards and exits our vehicle.  Click here to learn more about our Safety Program, including our Student Tracking System.


Enjoy the ride & Have comfort knowing your child is safe

Passengers must be prepared for pick up 5-10 minutes before the driver is scheduled to arrive. If the passenger is not prepared for pick up 5-7 minutes after the driver's arrival, then parents will be notified and a later pickup time may be scheduled. 

Complete sign-up forms 

Before services can be provided, we require each family to complete & return a few annual, simple, and easy sign-up forms. 

Our customized quotes are designed to match your family's unique transportation needs and ensure your family with the most amount of savings. Click here to receive a quote & start scheduling your child's transportation 2-3 business days in advance. 

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